My name’s Adam. I’m 36, an entrepreneur, dad of 3 and i love to travel and see places / cultures. I am also the only businessman I've met that is covered in tattoos (neck down) it certainly makes for an interested chat in a corporate setting. Since I can remember, I’ve been in love with technology and all things digital. Unlike the youth of today, i actually knew what i wanted to do, even from 12 when i built my first website. I did’t actually know at the time doing this, but when i was 16, i wrote a letter to my future self, saying i would own a successful software company and employ a lot of staff.

When my mum gave me the letter to open on my 30th birthday i was shocked to say the least, that it had all come true. Was it luck? not one bit! I have always been driven and this drive has led to me success.

My first company was in mobile web design with my business partner 9 years ago. In just a 5 year period though, we went from a tiny office with just myself and my business partner to employing 50 staff and a multi-million pound turnover.

Since then, having a solid management foundation in place, i have gone onto starting multiple businesses in digital marketing, holiday home sales and even an urban dance franchise. I believe that opportunities come in life and you have to take them with both hands. I never would have thought in my widest dreams that i would be a dance franchisor, but i absolutely love it.

Although a franchise is very different to a normal business, a lot of the same principles apply. Marketing, HR, Accounts, it's all relative and can be applied in a similar way.

I love making other people a success though and gives me a real buzz seeing people succeed, especially when its with a franchise that we have developed.

The next 10 years really excites me and really believe in what we are trying to achieve. Lil Beatz isn't just another dance franchise, it's a brand that we want to use to help influence children to learn more about diversity & inclusion.

I think my best years are in front of me and looking forward to the ride!

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