In a turbulent economic landscape, felt by both businesses and consumers, Stagecoach Performing Arts has remained resilient. Andy Knights, CEO, is no stranger to the success that can be attained by aspiring entrepreneurs who decide to invest in a franchise that provides educational opportunities for young people and addresses the rising demand for creative extracurricular activities across the country. Here, he discusses the host of benefits that an investment in a children’s education franchise can provide for prospects and hears from Stagecoach franchisees within the network who have seen the results for themselves. 
Despite recent economic uncertainty, we at Stagecoach have continued to go from strength to strength and interest in our programme has remained high. Franchises that provide activities for young people outside of the realm of a school curriculum have weathered the storm of impending recessions because even when parents struggle, they continue to prioritise their children's academic, social, and emotional development. For many children during the pandemic, learning and development were hampered by national lockdowns. Therefore, parents are keen to provide their children with more opportunities that ensure they get the best start in life and reach their full potential. This demand is apparent to our prospective and existing franchisees looking to capitalise on this growing need. 
In the face of challenging economic forecasts for 2023, Stagecoach Urmston franchisee and Principal Cathy Birkett opened her school earlier this year. Cathy has since experienced remarkable results for her business and witnessed the phenomenal demand for creative extracurricular programmes for local children in her community. “After my first day of term, I was already sitting at 27 Main Stage (ages six to 18) students – a number that completely exceeded my expectations,” explains Cathy. “After my first week, I opened three Early Stages (ages four to six) schools to respond to the amount of interest we were receiving from parents who could see the benefits of the exceptional programme that Stagecoach provides for its students.” 
Whilst children's education franchises have shown to be highly profitable, what franchisees often find most rewarding is the chance to influence children's lives positively. Children can further their professional and personal growth through extracurricular franchises, which typically teach subjects not always covered in traditional schools. Observing the joy on their students' faces each week makes it all worthwhile for Stagecoach franchisees. 
Catherine Tracey, franchisee and Principal at Stagecoach Horsham, has felt the financial benefits of investing in an education franchise, but it is the students that Catherine says are the most fulfilling aspect of running her business. “Being able to walk into the school every week and see how the students are building their confidence by the day fills me with pride,” says Catherine. “Each student is so special, and I look forward to working with them every Saturday. I’m not only passionate about nurturing young talent, I also aim to support children in many other aspects of their lives, including their mental health.” 
Finding a business that is suited for you in terms of the industry it operates in and the assistance provided by the franchisor is one of the most crucial aspects of thriving with a franchised brand. For those who feel they need more business expertise to succeed on their own, franchising is a practical approach to launching a business for yourself, but not by yourself. As long as you are a driven individual with a passion for children's development, regardless of experience, any responsible franchisor will offer a comprehensive training programme to ensure a consistently high level of operation at every site. 
At Stagecoach, franchisees undertake a comprehensive training course before receiving ongoing training and regular check-ins with key members of our Head Office Support Team. A thorough due diligence research looking at all facets of the business model can reveal whether a franchise offers this continuous training and support. Information from the franchisor, existing and former franchisees, and independent sources should all be included in this. An honest franchisor will demonstrate the investment readiness of their franchise through complete transparency in their business proposition. 
More than ever, people are looking to invest in the children’s sector because they recognise the industry's longevity, the potential for growth and the ability to make a real difference to children’s lives. With more parents than ever looking to invest in their children’s future and understanding the value that exploring a love for the performing arts can bring, investment in a children’s education franchise with a pre-established business model and an existing reputation is a recipe for success for business ownership in 2023. 
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