• Ed Purnell

Creating a business on your own is really easy to do...

...says someone who has never tried to do it before. 

The reality though is that it is really hard to do. Learning how to cover the roles of Sales, Marketing, Administration, Analysis, HR/recruitment, Logistics, Finance, IT, etc in your first year as a business owner is a real juggling act.

The number of pitfalls and obstructions you face along the way can find you struggling to know which way to turn. This ultimately leads to failure and stats from a quick Google search will show that failure rates for start-ups are high.

Many people do find a way to make it succeed though, and one of their keys strengths is most certainly their ability to persist. Persistence is key and what helps is a good support network around them. People who they can draw experience from, rely on for support and help to minimize financial risks where possible.

Do you have a network around you who could help to achieve your business goals?

If you do you’re lucky and perhaps you should seize the moment. If not, but you still want a life away from the corporate world, then there are other options. One of these options is to buy a Franchise.

Franchising generally comes with a ready made business plan, support with marketing, administration, brand identity, shared market knowledge, a network to leverage and many other benefits that help you to create a successful business.

Don’t want to own a restaurant or a shop? Again, there are other options, including the ability to work from home, a beach or your newly acquired yacht (the dream!). Some of which offer a fantastic opportunity to utilize your previous experience. You just need to start opening your mind up to the options that are out there.

So, while you’re thinking about your new career as an entrepreneur, also check out some Franchise companies. One of them may offer the perfect solution for your future, so what have you got to lose.

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