• Ed Purnell

Scared by The Myths of Franchising?

With Halloween out of the way The Myths of Franchising may still scare some people away from entering into the Franchise market, however most of them just aren't true. Here's my list of the stories I've heard and proven to be wrong:

1. It's too expensive - With banks in the UK offering up to 70% on loans for Franchisees, it starts to look a much more of an appealing opportunity. There are also Franchises available for under £1k!

2. Franchising is just restaurants and cleaning companies - I recently visited the National Franchise Exhibition at the NEC and found a massive variety of sectors being catered for by the Franchising Industry. From Professional Services companies like ERA to education, childcare and property companies, there's so many to choose from.

3. You need to find a site to operate a Franchise from - At ERA, as with many other Franchises, you can work from home, choosing your own hours to suit your lifestyle.

4. I don't have the relevant experience - This one actually can be true for some people, but it's actually surprising what can be achieved with the right training. 

5. It's too good an opportunity to be true - If you work hard and follow the methodologies there's no reason why you can't hit the figures quoted by the Franchisor. From speaking with a few of the Franchisees at ERA I know that many achieved significant 6 figure salaries in their second year! One thing to do before you sign up though is check that the Franchise Network is part of a well respected Franchise Association. 

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