License Fee 
£14,000 +VAT 
Family Friendly Flexible Business Model 
Eco Friendly Housekeeping Business 
Ethical Employer 
Providing the Gift of time to our franchisees, employees and clients 


Take the reins of a well-established, successful housekeeping brand with lots of opportunities for growth. Build your own successful business without sacrificing valuable time with your loved ones. 
We're passionate about only using ethically sourced, environmentally friendly products so we can leave the planet in better shape for the next generation. 
Rubber gloves not required! 
The Beautiful Method is a Management Franchise, offering our clients a tailor-made housekeeping service to suit their needs and lifestyle. 
This flexible working model is perfect for growing your business around your family. Plus it allows your housekeeping teams to work flexibly too. 
You are NOT a cleaner, you are a business owner. There are no rubber gloves required! 
A successful business and time with your family isn't just a dream 
TBM was founded by Victoria Rothwell, a busy working mum who started her career in the fashion industry. Whilst she was on maternity leave Victoria tried and failed to find consistently reliable housekeeping service. She also very quickly noticed that she was not alone in the struggle to find this much-needed service. 
Seeing a huge gap in the market she developed and launched, The Beautiful Method in March 2017. 
Within 18 months Victoria went from one team member to a team of 10 and had a positive growing reputation. The business she had created not only gave the gift of time to her clients it gave her the gift of time too. 
It was the perfect business to manage around her young family. No more missed school events or dinner table conversations with the children. No more asking her boss for permission for time off and no more stress trying to organise childcare at the last minute. 

Work for yourself, but not by yourself 

As a TBM franchisee, you will be in charge of your own schedule and benefit from your success. You will manage your own team and have all of the freedom of a business owner. But, you'll also have the support of TBM HQ and your fellow franchisees. 
Worried about employment contracts and HR? We've got you covered. 
Need help with marketing to attract new customers? That's included in your start-up package. 
We even put you up in a 4-star hotel whilst your receive top-quality training on everything from business operations to managing your social media. Did we mention that we also throw in a laptop and all the supplies you need to get started too? 
We're not just any old franchising business, we really care about our franchisees and our employees. Flexible working, decent rates of pay and contracts, and a happy business are all really important to our brand. 
We are also really passionate about only using ethically sourced, environmentally friendly products so we can leave the planet in better shape for the next generation. Our customers absolutely love this too and it's a real selling point. 

What the Franchisees say 

“After many years of working in the Equestrian industry, I took a break due to injury. When I returned to work, I found it very difficult to continue on the long working weeks and high paced work due to my injury. So, I decided to look for another job, where I came across The Beautiful Method. 
After working for Victoria myself as a Housekeeper for 3 years, I was offered the chance to own my own franchise. I jumped into the opportunity head-on and have not looked back. I love being my own boss and working on my own terms! I cannot thank Victoria enough, she has been incredibly supportive throughout the process and is always available when you need her! The assessments, combined with the wealth of coaching and training materials, have allowed me to add real value to my clients, both personally and professionally. 
I have learnt a lot and feel that I have developed some lovely relationships with our clients and when the opportunity presented itself it seemed like the perfect next step. 
I thought that it was an amazing opportunity as it is an inspiring company that puts its staff and clients in high regard. Environmentally friendly products that are great for both staff and households. Also that the ladies are fully employed and not kept on zero-hours agency contracts! 
Furthermore, as a Franchisee with TBM, I can be an employer that values its staff and offers them stability in a normally unstable industry. All the while offering them the perfect work/life balance and a support network of other like-minded people. 
I am so excited to be stepping into my new role as Franchise Owner of the Chester area.” 

   Victoria Rothwell 

With The Beautiful Method, our founder Victoria has created a sustainable business model that also allows her to be a hands-on mummy. A business that creates great revenue whilst caring about its people and the environment too. 
With the support from The Beautiful Method head office, you too can build your own business and be a part of our exciting growing brand. 
Get in contact with Victoria to learn everything you need to know about becoming a The Beautiful Method franchisee.  

Interview with... 

The value of time is priceless. 
You can't buy time, but you can buy services that buy time and it's a truth that we all forget sometimes as we take on tasks in our lives that take away from the things that are important to us. 
It's a topic very close to Victoria Rothwell, Founder of The Beautiful Method, who has created a business that not only helps others to claim back time, but also helped her to spend time with her children as she built her business. 
We discuss this in detail as we explore her career journey from the Fashion industry to owner of a successful Housekeeping business. 
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