Six months ago, devoted pet enthusiast James Callow embarked on an exciting journey when he launched his brand-new pet-care business in Crawley. Today, James is celebrating a remarkable series of milestones and a promising outlook for the future of premium pet care in the region. 
Petpals Crawley, part of the UK’s longest-established pet-care franchise, has firmly rooted itself in the heart of the local landscape. James, drawing from a lifetime of experience and an unwavering passion for pets, has achieved this success through his commitment to providing exceptional pet-care services to the area. 
“My first six months have been incredible,” said James. “As an animal lover, I feel truly humbled that members of our community have entrusted me with the care of their beloved pets. Every day feels like I’m living my dream job, ensuring that these furry family members are happy and well looked after.” 
With an estimated 62% of all UK households now owning a pet*, James’ five-star services have experienced exceptionally high demand. “When I first launched my business, I recognised a need for bespoke, quality pet-care services in the area,” explained James. “However, the demand I’ve seen in my first few months has completely exceeded my expectations. It’s been amazing to see the positive reaction Petpals Crawley has had from both pet parents and their furry friends alike.” 
James’ early success, much like the over 150 locations across the UK that are seizing the opportunity to meet the demand for pet services, has been supported by the dedicated Petpals head office team. 
“It’s great to have industry-leading support so I can deliver the best pet care possible,” said James. “My choice to team up with the industry’s best was fuelled by a desire to deliver the level of service that resonates with the Crawley community’s expectations. Their comprehensive training package has a proven track record of success both with my business and among other franchisees in the network. Whenever I need guidance or assistance, I know I can count on them.” 
All new franchisees are offered an initial three months of fully funded business coaching in the early stages of launching their business, with the ability to continue this as their business develops – an asset that James has found incredibly valuable. 
“When I first started, I knew I wanted a deeper understanding of business development,” James explained. “After engaging in some productive and in-depth sessions with Business Coach Jeff Williams from ActionCOACH, I now feel like I’m in control of my business and have a much clearer grasp of how to grow it.” 
Since launching Petpals Crawley, James has invested significant effort and determination to guarantee that his clients enjoy a top-tier service while their pets receive optimal care. 
“Like any new business, you have to put the work in – which is a decision I’ve embraced wholeheartedly,” said James. “I see it as a privilege to be there for our four-legged friends. By doing so, I’m not only pursuing success in my business but also strengthening the bonds within our pet-loving community. With the increasing number of pet owners in the UK, the future for Petpals Crawley looks promising. I’ve already hired a new team member to ensure no pet is overlooked.” 
As James looks to the future, he hopes to continue to build his team of pet-loving experts and further engage with other animal lovers in Crawley. “Looking ahead to the next six months, I’m aiming to team up with local vets and other community-run businesses to establish a consistent quality of care for our local pets. After all, they are just as integral to our community as the families they belong to.” 
For more information on franchise investment opportunities with Petpals click on the button at the bottom of the page. 
* Pet Food Manufacturers Association’s Pet Population Report 2022 
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